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levian horse head

Diamonds are an Equestrian’s Second Best Friend

Love diamonds? Love chocolate? Love Horses? If the answer to ...

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adihex pic

Exciting Heritage Competitions Held at Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX 2015)

The 13th session of Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian ...

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Dubai rider to take on the world's toughest horse race-2

Dubai rider to take on the world’s toughest horse race

In the Guinness Book of Records for being the world’s ...

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american pharaoh hl

American Pharaoh to appear in Vogue

Vogue is used to coming under fire for using thin ...

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Horse Health

SeeHorse wearable

Feeling connected to your horse just took on a whole new meaning

SeeHorse is a new product which will redefine feeling connected ...

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Daily exercise is essential for keeping your horse healthy

8 Reasons for your horse’s daily workout

A daily exercise is essential for maintaining the  health of ...

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equine iridology dubai

Equine Iridology: How does it work?

By Tammy Lindsay Commonly practiced on humans, and in more ...

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heat stress horses

How to Deal with Hot Weather

A few simple steps can improve your horse’s water and ...

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Horse Feeds available in the UAE

What we feed our horses is also a hot topic. ...

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horse feed oil

Adding Fat to Your Horse’s Diet

Fat is often considered a bad word when it comes ...

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sbt shine

Seabuckthorn: Traditional Chinese remedy now used on horses

Seabuckthorn is a spiny shrub that posesses berries with high nutritional content. Seabuckthorn has been used in traditional Chinese health remedies/treatments and current research is now beginning to understand and support the traditional uses.

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Horse Quencher: Lead a horse to water and make them drink

Horse Quencher is a new product to the UAE having ...

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