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5 Ways to Stop Stable Boredom


During the UAe’s hot summer months many horse end up spending limited time outdoors with very little exercise.  Here are a 5 boredom breakers for your horse:

1. Buy your horse a ball.  It will keep them occupied and if given during paddock time it can lead to some pretty impressive ball skill displays.


2. Fit a mirror in the stable.  Not only will your horse be able to practice his favourite red carpet pose but studies have proven stable mirrors greatly reduce behavioural problems.


3. Homemade Interactive toys.  All you need is some rope, apples, carrots and a tall person to hang it for you.


4. Likits and other licky toys.  Available in a variety of flavours34837.c.zoom

5.Hay! Horse love nothing better than to eat so keep them busy by putting their hay in a small holed haynet and if you are really mean then double net.

DO NOT USE IN NEGATIVE CONTEXT horse eating haynet with hay and haylage mixture

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