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Benefits Of Swimming For Horses

swimming horses sharjah uae

The heat is kicking in and we are struggling to keep ourselves and our horses fit.  Some of us are lucky enough to have equine swimming pools nearby. See Mr Jingles from Riding for the Disabled Dubai swimming If you weren’t aware here are some of the most important benefits of swimming are: For healthy horses: Increased flexibility: not just ...

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Forage Survey

Maria Wilhelmsson is a student at the Equine Science MSc program at the University of Edinburgh. She currently doing her masters dissertation and her project is divided in to two parts: a digestibility and behavior study on a group of elite showjumping horses, comparing a common sport horse diet with high levels of starch-rich concentrate feed, with a diet with ...

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areas of body conditioning horse

Condition scoring is an assessment of your horse’s body fat coverage and should form part of your routine management plan. With practice, condition scoring is an accurate way of ensuring that your horse does not gain or lose too much body condition and shows results far more quickly than by the eye alone. This enables you to make any dietary ...

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Stretching: The great afterthought!

Shirley Vigdis Sewell horse stretching equimony

What happens when we humans don’t stretch? Not much really – for a while anyway. If you’re a regular in the gym, you’ll naturally continue to lift weights and get stronger, improve your diet, get leaner and look good. Who needs to stretch? Stretching is for yoga girls and geriatrics, or so the theory goes. Then you wake up one ...

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Keeping Your Horse Healthy & Fit During Summer

“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and fire”. The quote above is by Sharon Ralls Lemon, the author of The Ultimate Horse Book. In a small number of words she manages to capture a lot of how of how I feel about horses, and ...

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Charging energy with the right speed

horse nutrition cavpro malin olsen

Dr. med. vet. Malin Olson In the wild horses can graze up to sixteen hours a day.  The purpose of grazing is to fulfill the nutrient and energy needs of the horse to keep up the horse’s vitality. To be able to have fast excess to energy, horses store energy in the form of glycogen in their muscles. These storages  ...

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Dubai Endurance Mobile App launched in Arabic

Dubai Equestrian Club Endurance App

As part of the ninth renewal of the His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Cup, the Dubai Equestrian Club, the organizing body for the sport of endurance riding in Dubai, launch an Arabic language version of the mobile phone app, Dubai Endurance. The Dubai Endurance App allows the user to follow all endurance events held at Dubai ...

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Devil’s Claw: FEI Controlled Substance

Devils Claw FEI controlled list

Riders are warned to take care when using devil’s claw this year if they are competing under FEI rules, as an active ingredient appears on the governing body’s controlled medication list for 2016. Harpogoside is now on the proposed list of controlled medication. Harpogoside is an active component in Devil’s claw and the herb is commonly used to help ease ...

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What is the best way to feed your horse hay?

What is the best way to feed your horse hay?

What is the best way to feed your horse hay? Think about it, with all the options that are available;nets, feeders, mangers, bags, automatic feeders, from the ground—which one is right for your horse? The answer is that each horse is different and every stable has a different way of doing things. Below is a quick-reference guide highlighting the benefits ...

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PS of Sweden the world leader in anatomical bridles

Get Set Revolution bridle PS of sweden

In less than 3 years “PS of Sweden” has become one of Scandinavia’s leading equestrian brands. PS is well known for their exclusive and anatomically designed bridle range that has been designed & developed together with veterinarians, to ensure the best performance from the equine athlete. PS Bridles are worn by some of the world’s best showjumping & dressage riders ...

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