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Does Your Horse Have A Thumbprint?

Prophets Thumbprint Horse

A “Prophet’s Thumbprint” is a birthmark in the form of an indentation, usually found on the side of a horse’s neck but can occur anywhere on the horse’s body.  It is totally harmless although it comes with a legendary story!

The Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) was wandering the desert with his herd of horses for many days, and as they approached an oasis he sent them forth to drink. But as the thirsty horses approached the water, he called them back. Only five of his mares stopped and returned to him, and to thank them for their loyalty he blessed them by pressing his thumbprint into their necks.

It’s believed that a horse with such a mark will be outstanding, being a descendant of one of these brood mares that the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) particularly treasured.

Who has a horse with one of these thumbprints?

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  1. Kitty van Treijen

    I had a mare named Amber B xx. She had a thumbprint on the side of her neck. She was a beautiful horse and a good racehorse.

  2. What a load of bullshit. These marks have nothing to do with genetics or some thumbprint. They’re from injuries. To whomever wrote this, lay off the crack pipe.

  3. Hate to. Burst his bubble – it is not an injury – it is I fact from when foal is in womb and the way their legs are folded. Pressing into the neck leaving indentations. Isn’t it great though to to hear great legend stories. Maybe we should all believe in something and life would be so much sweeter.

  4. I heard if a horse has a thumbprint it means that’s he is a smart horse and easy to train

  5. I have so many friends that are sharing this ridiculous article. This isn’t a birthmark, it’s a broken muscle, most commonly from an injury at the track. Can’t believe anyone would actually believe this shit, but apparently articles are posting whatever they can think up now.

    • Hi Katherine

      We don’t mean to offend but as we are a website based in the Middle East it has relevance to us and the culture in the region. As we said previously it was according to legend which you can choose to believe.

  6. It’s called a cobbler’s thumb print, and they are from muscle injuries. I horse started with one when I bought him. He now has three.

  7. Elmhurst, the 1997 Breeders Cup Sprint Champion has 3.
    The great race mare, My Juliet, had 5.

  8. They are not from injuries as our mare was born with one. We have been told that the leg lays too long in one spot in vitro and this is part of the hoof laying next to a forming muscle for too long.

  9. These thumbprints come from a foal having his hoof pressed into that spot while he was in the womb

  10. Cant be race track created as my percheron/ appendix mare has it . It came from the hoof pressing into neck as foal lay in the womb. Nice fairy tale tho for kids.

  11. My son’s (Sean) horse Midnight has one, and i truly believe he was an answer to prayers. for my son has ADHD. with no fear… Midnight is easy going.. never gets aggregated with my son’s lack of focus. He calls Midnight’s thumbprint his birth dent… Thank you for the story behind. . we enjoyed it. now Sean knows midnight is special. .. But we already knew that.

  12. I have a Monarch AH daughter with one in her forehead. One of her daughters has one on her neck.

  13. my horse has an indentation on his right hip on his buttock, could it be a thumbprint in that area
    I heart about the touch of Allah with the 2 callics on the forehead and the bloody shoulder

  14. my horse has an indentation on his right hip on his buttock near the tail, could it be a thumbprint. I heard about the 2 calics on the forehead that meant the touh of Allah and the bloody shoulder

  15. Thank you for this lovely story. I have a very nice mare with this mark which I assumed was from an injury. I feel a lot better thinking it is a “birth mark”. And whose to say that there is not some connection between character and this mark? Perhaps it is the contented foal that lies still in it’s dam’s womb and so gives itself this mark.