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Dressage Results 14 November

Horse UAE Dubai Polo and Equestrian ClubThis week’s dressage was held at Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club.  Well done to Dianne Breeze and Farhang Sadeghi as well as their team of volunteers for a well run and organised show.




Intro B Junior (Unaffiliated)
1. Karmelia Greasley
2. Maddison
3. James Hanson
4. Heidi Hallat

Intro B Senior (Unaffiliated)
1. Caroline Green
2. Lisande Eayrs (Safron)
3. Grace Lockwood
4. Rachel Pederson

Prelim Junior (Unaffiliated)
1. Laura Campbell
2. Sara Branson

Prelim Junior (Affiliated)
1. Sarah Khairallah
2. Hanna Reynolds

Prelim Senior (Unaffiliated)
1. Lisande Eayrs(Safron)
2. Rachel Pederson
3. Robin Amlot

Prelim Senior (Affiliated)
1. Martina boor

Novice Junior (Unaffiliated)
1. Lara Campbell

Novice Junior (Affiliated)
1. Bronwyn Buys Du plesis

Novice Senior (Unaffiliated)
1. Annette Lilja
2. Sophie Dyball

Novice Senior (Affiliated)
1. Lisande Eayrs
2. Charlotte Gammelgaard

Elementary Junior (Affiliated)
1. Bronwyn Buys Du Plesis

Elementary Senior (Unaffiliated)
1. Sara holstrom

Elementary Senior (Affiliated)
1. Lisande Eayrs
2. Lesley Jones

Medium Senior (Unaffiliated)
“1. Sara Holstrom

Medium Senior (Affiliated)
1.Sophie  Ashcroft
2.Reem Alabbar

Advanced (Affiliated)
1.Waltrud Hameister
2.Christina Calin Thompson

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