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Dubai Polo Gold Cup 2013 launched today

Dubai Polo gold Cup

Last year’s Dubai Polo Gold Cup winners, Habtoor Polo

The 2013 Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series was officially launched today at a press conference held at Habtoor Grand Hotel.  The press conference was attended by polo teams, sponsors and members of the Media.

The Silver Cup will be held at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club and starts off on 2nd February with Ghantoot Polo vs Abu Dhabi Polo @ 14:30 and Mahra Polo vs Bin Drai Polo @ 16:00. Days 2 of the opening weekend showcases Habtoor Polo vs Zedan Polo @ 16:00.

Habtoor Polo Team:
M.Al Habtoor (0)
I.Bello (3)
G.Cuitino (6)
E. Martinez (7)

Bin Drai Polo Team:
S.Bin Drai (0)
I.Ithurburu (2)
S.Ullao (7)
J.J.Brane (7)

Zedan Polo Team:
A.Zedan (0)
M.Logioco (3)
I.Heguy (9)
R.Ducos (4)

Ghantoot Polo Team:
A.Al Merri (0)
J.Zubiaurre (4)
F.Sola (8)
P.Berazadi (4)

Mahra Polo Team:
R.Al Habtoor (0)
G.Gibrat (4)
A.Canale (6)
F.Bourdieu (6)

Abu Dhabi Polo Team:
F.Al Yabhouni (0)
M.Elizalde (4)
J.Ambroggio (7)
J.J. Storni (5)

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