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Feeling connected to your horse just took on a whole new meaning

SeeHorse UAE

Seehorse equestrian wearable has been specifically designed to assist horse owners who wish to more efficiently monitor their horse’s health and well-being and improve their horse’s fitness levels.

SeeHorse is a new product which will redefine feeling connected to your horse. It will allow horse owners to check on their horse’s vitals like temperature, heart and respiratory rate even when they are away from the yard.

SeeHorse is a small device worn on a horse’s headcollar or bridle that can send information about the animal through Bluetooth to an owner’s phone or computer.

The SeeHorse data can be accessed in the following ways:

  • The SeeHorse App. allows users to monitor their horse through their mobile device that synchronizes directly with the SeeHorse hardware worn by your horse. That connection uses a BlueTooth, low-energy wireless link.
  • SeeHorseCloud App. works to notify you from anywhere in the world while you are travelling or boarding your horse. Easily access data on your horse’s well-being even when you’re miles apart.

So many of us travel during the summer months so this device will prove valuable to keep an eye on how your horse is doing.  The information will also prove vital signs to serious competitors and trainers who are looking to optimise their horses’ training regime leading to events.

Sooner or later, horse will develop some respiratory condition and colic is the most serious one. SeeHorse scans for early signs and notifies owners and vets, allowing early diagnosis and treatment.

Mare foaling is a such a stressful time for everybody and SeeHorse scans horses during that time providing accurate alarms and notifications.

SeeHorse is expected to be released later this year with prices starting at 349 CAD.

Update: To book a demo in the UAE go to www.seehorse.ae

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