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Maria Wilhelmsson is a student at the Equine Science MSc program at the University of Edinburgh. She currently doing her masters dissertation and her project is divided in to two parts: a digestibility and behavior study on a group of elite showjumping horses, comparing a common sport horse diet with high levels of starch-rich concentrate feed, with a diet with a fiber rich, forage based concentrate feed. In this study, she will evaluate whether there are any differences between the two diets regarding digestibility and short term feed intake behavior. The second part of the study is a survey aimed at sport- and leisure horse owners and -keepers, and the survey is about current feeding routines as well as opinions and views on forage and forage feeding. The survey will be published in German, Swedish and English and hopefully, we will get enough answers from different countries that we will also be able to compare the differences between the countries / regions surveyed.



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