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High & Dry : Introducing the new riding hat liner drybrow ™

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drybrowTM is a brand new, super-absorbent, disposable riding hat liner, recently launched by horse-riding enthusiast Charlotte Barrow. Retailing online for 40AED per pack of 10, drybrow hat liners attach firmly and discreetly to riding hats and other sports head gear, keeping wearers’ brows sweat free and preventing skin irritation.

Riders benefit from drybrow’s high absorbency that keeps skin dry even in long, hot riding sessions. The liner protects riders’ hats from dirt and makeup, which can quickly build up to become a breeding ground for bacteria, which leads to skin irritation and stale odours. It features a porous top layer that draws moisture in quickly, and an absorbent core, which holds liquid fast. Its super absorbent polymers (SAP), integrated with permeable paper, ensure it soaks up sweat easily, whilst remaining thin and lightweight. As well as ensuring that the rider’s hat stays clean and stain-free, it ensures rider comfort and optimal performance, preventing sweat running in the rider’s eyes during competitive or endurance events.

Several leading riders have tried and endorsed drybrow:

“I highly recommend this product, if not for hygienic purposes, just general comfort,” Andrew Gould, international dressage rider.

“It’s so lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing it,” Laura Mantel, show jumper.

International event rider Spencer Sturmey commented: “I have struggled for years and years with the lovely topic that is ‘sweat’. I have tried everything from toilet paper to panty liners, but nothing has ever worked as well as Drybrow liners. They are so unbelievably easy to fit and do precisely what they say they are going to do. I have ridden in the drybrow hat liner for the past five or six events and can honourably say what a revelation they are!”

The drybrow hat liner attaches to all makes of riding hats via an adhesive strip on the back. Slim-fitting with a black finish, it sits inconspicuously inside the hat. Once used, the user can simply peel the drybrow off and dispose of it.

In addition to professional and leisure riding, drybrow hat liners are suitable for many other sports involving headwear, from cycling, cricket and motorsports.

UAE Riders can buy drybrow packs online exclusively at www.equestri-online.com.

Hear Andrew Gould, international dressage rider, discuss drybrow hat liners:

Hear Laura and Beth Mantel talk about drybrow hat liners:

drybrow is an ultra-thin, super-absorbent disposable hat liner designed to fit securely and inconspicuously inside riding hats and other headgear. Quick and easy to use, the comfortable drybrow liners prevent sweat running in riders’ eyes.

Founded by sports enthusiast Charlotte Barrow, drybrow is the result of years of first hand experience dealing with sweaty uncomfortable sports headwear. She embarked upon finding a solution to the problem, and drybrow was born.

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