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HorseRation – New equine nutrition app launched

Aberystwyth University has launched what’s claimed to be the first ‘app’ for equine nutrition.

HorseRation, on iTunes, allows users to calculate the amount of feed their horses need.

Taking into account weight, workload, body condition score, behaviour and health status, the app is able to guide horse owners towards the most suitable diet (forage and hard food) for their horse or pony.

HorseRation is the second app to be developed by the university this year, in collaboration with Arkuris Ltd and CEMAS (Glamorgan).

Equine nutritionist Catherine Hale, who is in the final year of her PhD at Aberystwyth, had the idea for HorseRation.

“I see horses on a daily basis that are suffering from various nutrition-related problems and where the welfare of the horse could be easily improved by simply changing the diet,” she said.

“We have included tips throughout the app that help users to answer all the questions needed to form the ration. The app will calculate weight and provide visual prompts to help horse owner decide on their horse’s body condition. And as it can all be done on your iPhone, it is really easy to do out on the yard.”

Two versions are available, one free and one paid-for at £4.99. The app will be officially launched at BETA International next month (17 – 19 February).

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