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Horsey Valentines?

What to get people who like the smell of horses, leather & hay!

What goes together better than love and horses? Maybe just the love of horses and all things equine! Here are some helpful ideas on horsey items you can get your Valentine(human or horse) this year that you can order online.


For Her:
Fleck Swarovski Prisma Dressage Whip 550AED
Animo N75 Breeches 1350AED
Fior Da Liso Polo Shirt 370AED
Cavallo Boots From 1350AED
Crystal Mane Rings 50AED

Equestrian Style Valentines

For Him:
Casa Blanca Polo Boots From 3000AED
Animo Olimpia Shirt 800AED
Casa Blanca Whip 220AED
Casa Blanca Wrist bands 60AED
Schockemohle Socks 68AED

Equestrian Style Valentines

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