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How to Deal with Hot Weather

Horse heat stress

A few simple steps can improve your horse’s water and electrolyte status in the heat of the UAE summer:

  • Provide an adequate supply of fresh water at all times
  • Do not rely on salt intake from licking. Add salt directly to meals and/or mix in water and spray on hay
  • Feed about 60 grams of plain salt or a good electrolyte product daily
  • Always let your horse drink freely during exercise lasting longer than two hours and immediately after stopping work. Research has shown horses that have their water access restricted while cooling down do not drink as much in total as horses with unrestricted water access
  • Choose an electrolyte product that has approximately twice as much sodium as potassium and twice as much chloride as sodium

Choose an electrolyte sweat replacement supplement close to a potassium:sodium:chloride ratio of 1:2:4. Horses consuming generous forage can often use a supplement with lower potassium levels.

See keeping your Horse Hydrated Infographic


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