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Mahra and UAE Polo finalists of the Julius Baer Gold Cup

Mahra and UAE Polo will play the final of Julius Baer Gold Cup 2016 after achieving two great victories in today´s semifinals matches against Bin Drai and Zedan.

Mahra defeated Bin Drai by 8 goals to 6 and UAE Polo defeated Zedan in OT by 12 goals to 11.

Mahra and UAE Polo will play the great final of the Julius Baer Gold Cup next friday at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club.

Julius Baer Team by Habtoor Polo won today the second semifinal of the Bentley Cup against Edrees by 9 goals to 8 and will play the final of this trophy next friday against Abu Dhabi.

In a busy polo day at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort, with three matches in a row, the first team to celebrate was Julius Baer by Habtoor Polo after defeating Edrees by a narrow 9-8 in a tough match.

Patron Mohammed Al Habtoor´s team controlled the game from the beginning but Edrees put some pressure on them in the last 14 minutes. Finally, Julius Baer achieved the victory that puts them in the Bentley Cup final.

The Julius Baer Gold Cup semifinals started with Mahra and Bin Drai playing a great polo match in field 3 of the Al Habtoor Polo Resort.
With Alejandro Novillo Astrada playing at a superb level, Mahra defeated one of the strongest teams in the season to qualify for the great final.

Despite the great performance by Novillo Astrada, Mahra´s teamwork was the clue in the significant victory.

Match progression: Mahra: 3-0/ 4-3/ 5-4/ 6-5/ 8-6

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