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PS of Sweden the world leader in anatomical bridles

Get Set Revolution bridle PS of sweden

“Get Set Revolution” bridle from PS of Sweden

In less than 3 years “PS of Sweden” has become one of Scandinavia’s leading equestrian brands. PS is well known for their exclusive and anatomically designed bridle range that has been designed & developed together with veterinarians, to ensure the best performance from the equine athlete. PS Bridles are worn by some of the world’s best showjumping & dressage riders because of their unique patented design. Due to increased demand PS has recently started a daughter company in USA.

PS of sweden

“PS of Sweden’s” philosophy is to give the horse anatomically correct equipment that is designed with particular attention paid to the horse’s sensitive poll region , as well as giving consideration to the nerve endings and ligaments that you will find in this area. The wrong pressure on the poll can make the horse “bridle lame”, show stiffness in its shoulders, produce muscle soreness, a tense neck, “worried mouth”, and display general unhappiness with its rider. By changing the bridle you may experience an enormous difference in the horse’.
“- We know how hard it is to ride really well, and we want to do everything for our beloved horses who do so much for us,
It’s great to see that a bridle can make such a difference to a horse”says Karin Bjärle, Founder of PS of Sweden.



Today we sell our products to customers all over the world though our online store. It’s fantastic to have customers in the big equestrian Nations as well as countries in the Middle East & South America. We now see the UAE as an upcoming market, since we know the riders share a great love for their horses and appreciate our idea and approach to our products” Karin Bjärle continues.

All products are made of exclusive English vegetable tanned leather, and alongside the 14 different bridle models, there’s a great selection of luxurious brow bands with crystals and pearls, that you easily click on to the bridle with the patented design PS calls “Click it”.

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PS Bridles are available in South Africa from www.equestrio.co.za


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