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Respiratory support for the stabled horse

Some horses are very sensitive to environmental stresses which can be exacerbated during the hot UAE summer when horses are confined to poorly ventilated barns.  Horses can be allergic to mold, dust, pollen, or some other allergenic substance and sensitive to higher levels of ammonia in the barn air. The sensitivity leads to constriction, irritation, and mucus production in the small airways of the lungs.

If the offending substance is mold spores commonly found in hay and bedding, the horse will have problems when kept in the barn but will usually improve dramatically if he is kept at out in the paddock. Other horses are less sensitive to substances found in dried forage or straw but develop signs of allergy when they are kept outside during warm or hot weather. This type of airway disease is known as summer pasture-associated obstructive pulmonary disease (SPAOPD). Although pollens and molds are suspected culprits, researchers have found evidence that other factors such as insect saliva may also play a role in SPAOPD.

Symptoms of Respiratory Distress:

What are the signs of respiratory disease in my horse?
Initial symptoms of a respiratory problem:
• Coughing when eating or starting exercise or during mucking out.
• Nasal discharge – clear or mucous-like, becoming white/yellow like pus.
• Wheezing sounds.
• Reduced exercise tolerance.
• Increased respiratory rate (normal = 8-20 breaths per minute).
• Swelling of the glands in the throat lash area (especially seen in strangles).
Other signs that may be present include reluctance to move, and in long-term cases there may be loss of condition and weight. In more severe  cases the signs listed above may worsen and additional symptoms may be seen.

Regardless of the cause, the most effective treatment is to minimize the horse’s contact with irritating substances. Once you have minimized the horse’s exposure you can then support them medically or holistically using herbal treatments such as the Bronchial Elixir  & Herbal feed from Leovet  which effectively offset nutrient deficiencies or environmental stress which can interfere with the respiratory tracts and thus weaken the immune system.

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