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Sheika Hissa’s Tajaarub: From a Horsewoman’s Journey

Tajaarub a horsewomens journey

Tajaarub, Arabic for “experiences”, is Sheikha Hissa’s reminiscent narrative. She shares her early start in horsemanship and offers readers cultural insights from the perspective of a young royal Emirati woman.

As the daughter of Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, a legendary horsemen, Sheikha Hissa was introduced to horses at a young and while she initially started riding to gain her father’s attention it rapidly grew into her passion. Sheikha Hissa writes on the occasion of her father first seeing her ride “I waved at my Dad while we trotted off and I spotted him smiling, that same proud smile he wore when seeing my brothers ride – that smile I had longed to see him wear for me. That was it; now I knew I was taking the right path…”

The book, Tajaarub, came about as a way to answer questions repeatedly asked to Sheikha Hissa regarding her riding. She found that through writing this book she was able to look back and evaluate her experiences. Sheikha Hissa says “Some lessons were harder than others, taking years for me to understand, and some were difficult to handle; but at the end, they all yielded a result. Moreover, a lot of them I honestly had no answers for, only figuring out why something happened after writing these stories down. There was a solution to every problem, although sometimes they are not the ones anyone would like to hear.”

50% of all proceeds go to Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre and Al Maktoum Foundation.

For more information on Tajaarub go to www.hissahamdan.com

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