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Standing equine MRI machine wins innovation award

The awards recognise companies that have achieved significant commercial success built on physics and Hallmarq has achieved this by developing the world’s first magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system for the standing horse – the EQ2.

As a result of the invention of standing MRI, horses no longer need to be anaesthetised to undergo an MRI procedure. Anaesthetic deaths are a significant risk in horses, so the EQ2 means MRI can be used as a diagnostic tool safely and routinely – not just for high performance racehorses, but for much loved family ponies too.

Jos Belgrave, an experienced equine vet and chief executive of Hallmarq, said: “Following our two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, I am especially delighted our development team has been recognised by the IOP for the innovations that have allowed the Hallmarq EQ2 to deliver exceptional image quality under challenging conditions.

“Hallmarq’s EQ2 has genuinely helped alleviate pain and saved the lives of thousands of horses around the world. That, in itself, is very rewarding. Innovations in our latest product, the 1.5T PetVet MRI, will equally help vets to diagnose and treat companion animals.”

The IOP awards also recognise the commercial success of EQ2 – due, in part, to the commercial partnerships introduced by Hallmarq using a “pay as you go” invoicing model.

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